29 Days

29 days.  29 days until we celebrate the first day of spring for 2014!  I think that while we are all ready for it, no one is ready for it more than our construction team.  They have worked through a number of snowstorms and arctic temperatures this winter, so it leaves us no doubt that they are marking every one of those 29 days with great enthusiasm!  Scaffolding has been erected and enclosed, and heaters have been installed so that their hard work can continue.  Once we get two or three weeks of non-freezing temperatures, we can begin to pour the concrete.  But since the sun was shining brightly in the sky this morning, we are hopeful that this will happen soon. What warms us, even before the arrival of spring, is that this building secures Beaumont's future--  because of the belief our alumnae, family and friends have in our mission, we will be able to continue to educate young women for life, leadership and service well into the future!