Beaumont School offers a wide range of educational support, inclusive of all grade levels and covers most subjects from AP, Honors, and the college preparatory curriculum based upon the needs of the student. All students may schedule time with learning specialists for support across the curriculum.

Services include:

  • ACT and SAT Preparation
  • General study skills 
  • Study skills for History, Religion, Science, and OGT Prep

Tutoring is available to any Beaumont student for…

  • Help with math concepts.
  • Reinforcement of problem-solving abilities. 
  • Assistance with research. 
  • Learning about standard and new data bases. 
  • Receiving guidance with creative projects. 
  • Help with writing papers. 
  • Facilitating more effective organizational strategies. 
  • Advice on successful test-taking strategies.



The Jon Peterson Scholarship and The Autism Scholarship

Beaumont School is certified by the Ohio Department of Education as a provider of Intervention and Transition Services for students with mild to moderate learning differences through the Jon Peterson and Autism Scholarship. Students on these scholarships participate fully throughout the Beaumont curriculum. All students fulfill the same graduation requirements as any Beaumont student.


Academic Support for Students with Specific Learning Differences

Students with specific learning differences enter Beaumont School with a completed evaluation, Service Plan, IEP, or other Academic Support Plan. Each student may be provided with one full support session daily, based on individual and systematic curriculum based instruction. Each year a schedule is created to match the individual needs of support for each student through priority scheduling. All students with learning differences and support plans receive accommodations that help enable success. Some accommodations may include:

  • Extended time on tests and quizzes
  • Computer use for testing
  • Tests may be read aloud 
  • Guidance and accommodations provided for college entrance exams

All students that receive academic support and intervention services participate in field trips to college support programs and receive individualized transition and college planning guidance. Intervention includes support throughout Beaumont’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum. Additionally, counseling and mentoring is also available and facilitated through our licensed intervention specialists.


Student Reflection

“The Academic Support Program at Beaumont School really helped me define who I am today. All the specialists help me become more organized and suggested great ways to study for an exam. Working one on one with the intervention specialists enabled my success and graduation from high school. They boosted my confidence and I built strong relationships that are still supported today. I have learned to never give up and I cannot express how blessed I am to have had the opportunity to learn and grow through this program.”


Parent Reflection

“Working with the Academic Support Center faculty at Beaumont School has provided my daughter the opportunity to manage her education and taught her how to advocate and communicate with her teachers. It has helped her identify the strategies for success necessary to adapt and learn in a typical school environment. Additionally, it provides a team approach toward her education and promotes her taking full responsibility for her education. My daughter and the faculty in the Academic Support Center form “the team” and we, her parents, are the cheerleaders!” Beaumont Parent, Class of 2013