"Beaumont, specifically, provided my daughter with a community of girls who are intelligent, motivated, and most significantly, KIND. It also has a large number of adults who support the girls in all their interests and endeavors, and provide wonderful examples of how to live in the world as they become adults." ~Julie Gran

"My daughter has gained a wealth of leadership skills. As a graduate of Beaumont, I know first hand that an all girls school makes todays girls the leaders of tomorrow.Meghan has gained a deeper understanding of the Catholic religion, the importance of service work, confidence, leadership skills, the opportunity to become a Baccalauteate scholar." ~Pasqualeen Kessinger

You belong at Beaumont!

Beaumont women are friends for life. The young ladies that make up the Beaumont community are generous in service, prepared to face challenges, dedicated state champions, innovative through creative expression and affectionate towards the global community. 

Beaumont alumnae can be found all over the world as leaders in their professions. Beaumont students are prepared for college and life. Our strong support system will help cultivate and nurture the abilities of our young ladies for life outside the classroom. Beaumont women do not merely succeed,  BEAUMONT WOMEN EXCEL!

Discover what Beaumont is all about… a world of challenges, excitement, new friends, classmates and caring teachers who will be your companions on an exciting journey. 

You will find exactly what you are looking for at Beaumont: classes that prepare you for college, clubs and activities for your unique interests, and a close-knit, faith-filled community where you can grow, lead and have the freedom to be yourself.

At Beaumont, you will become the best you can be. We cannot guarantee there will be a place for you at every high school, but we can guarantee there will be a place for you at Beaumont, where girls have fun learning and growing. We will help you build the foundation, you will be able to build the future.