Amy Mokris '06

In less than 10 years since graduating from Beaumont, Amy Mokris ’06 has traveled the world and fulfilled her entrepreneurial dreams.

After graduating from Beaumont in 2006, Amy attended DePaul University, where she majored in communication and media, with minors in photography and art and design. At the time, she aspired to be a photojournalist, and gathered experience by working in a photography studio and as an intern with Timeout Chicago. After graduation, she moved to Paris, France and worked with The Licensing Company (TLC), whose clients include Coca Cola, Perrier, LucasFilm, and BMW. She worked on the creative team for product launches, which got her interested in branding. After moving back to Chicago in 2012, Amy worked at Camping World’s in-house marketing agency, managing all advertisements and marketing for retail locations around the country. It was while working at Camping World that Amy began considering breaking out on her own as an entrepreneur.

“While working for other companies I got ideas of what I could do on my own,” Amy said. “I could never find a watch that I really liked, and more and more I started thinking about the company I could create what I’d like it to stand for."

Out of this idea, Amy created Le Coeur Watches, which she recently began operating full time. The company was launched through Kickstarter and was fully funded within 48 hours of launching in April 2015. Amy wanted to create a company that stood for something, which takes form in the branding elements of Le Coeur, which means “the heart” in French. For Amy, the passion of this project comes from the heart and she wants the customers of Le Coeur to be those “daring enough to make their dreams happen.”

Le Coeur also was influenced by Amy’s love of France, which she fostered in her French classes at Beaumont. According to Amy, many aspects of her Beaumont education influenced the person that she is today. She felt like Beaumont’s encouraging environment was especially important.

“Aside from having an education that was rooted in a Catholic grounding, Beaumont is where I developed more of a sense of self and self-worth,” she said. “I don’t know how I could have gone anywhere else.”