Art I and Art II Students - Supply List

Here's the list of supplies all Art I and Art II students will need. You may purchase these items at any store. They will be needed the first week of classes this fall.

Part I
1. A tool box (to store and sometimes transport your tools). They are often called craft, tool, or fishing tackle boxes. Be sure that it is long enough so that tools, such as pencils, brushes, rulers, etc. can fit. A lock on the box is optional. A sturdy shoe box is sufficient if a purchased one is not possible.
2. A utility knife…preferably one with a retractable blade. These are available at any hardware store.
3. Two sets of colored markers: broad and fine. The greater the range of colors the better.
4. Scissors
5. Ruler: 6 inch and 12 inch.
6. A compass or any other circle-making device.
7. Glue sticks . It is better to have more than one.
8. A roll of masking tape.
9. A roll of scotch tape.
10. 2 black fine-line markers for drawing. Permanent ink is preferred. Pilot fine liner is very good, but we prefer that you not get Sharpies because they bleed too much in the drawing process.
11. A pack of #2 pencils – These are for design projects. Drawing pencils will be a part of the supplies you purchase from the department in the fall.
12. A pencil pouch for carrying small tools for homework.
13. A 3-ring notebook binder for directional handouts, evaluations, etc. (a one-inch size is sufficient)
14. 6 sheets of 22x28 poster board. (Not needed until 2nd or 3rd week of class.)

Part II
The art materials* listed below are to be purchased from the Art Department in the fall.*It is required that some of the materials be purchased through the art Department to insure uniformity in their quality for the basic exercises and instructions
They will include: a large 100 page 11x 14 sketchbook with #90 lb paper, two portfolios…a large and small one, a drawing kit with graded pencils and special erasers, poster paints and brushes. This will be approximately $30.00. Students will be given the list and cost on the first day of school in the fall. The listings above are for the student’s personal supplies and are hers to keep. Other paper and materials are provided by the Art Department.