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Beaumont School students and faculty members to volunteer at more than 20 organizations during annual All School Service Day

Beaumont School students and faculty will participate in a day of service with 21 projects on and off Beaumont’s campus during the school’s fifth annual All School Service Day on Wednesday, September 23. This yearly event offers an opportunity for Beaumont to demonstrate the school’s mission of life, leadership and service to the community.

The day will begin with Beaumont students attending an opening prayer service before setting off to various locations throughout Greater Cleveland. Students and faculty will spend time working at local schools, nursing facilities, nonprofits and parks.

Service is an integral aspect of a student’s Beaumont experience. All students are required to complete 80 hours of service before graduation, volunteering her time to the greater community. Many students go above and beyond this requirement, with the class of 2015 providing 10,525 hours of service over their four years at Beaumont, nearly doubling their mandatory amount.