Beaumont Students Win Science Awards


Beaumont Students Win Science Awards - Awards from NEOSEF and BEST Medicine

Twelve Beaumont School students competed in the Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair (NEOSEF), and all twelve received awards. All 12 Beaumont competitors received awards at the event held March 4 – 7 at John Carroll University.

First Place/Gold Medal winners: Anna Grushetsky ‘13 and Christina Kerner ’15.

Second Place/Silver Medal winners: Yennmay Chia ’14, Erika Klek ’14, Anna Libertin ’14 and Julia Parker ’14.

Third Place/Bronze Medal winners: Emily Boes ’14, Grace Gamble ’13, Megan Jones ’13, Marija Rowane ’14, Elizabeth Stanitz ’14 and Ana Maria Vargas ’15.

“We could not be more proud of our Beaumont scientists, says Gretchen Santo, Science Department Chair at Beaumont. “In addition to strength in science, they must also exhibit excellence in mathematics, writing, research skills, language, grammar, statistics, data analysis, presentation skills, history, social sciences, computer skills, art, design, and public speaking. They displayed mastery of all academic disciplines in this competition.”

In addition to the awards from NEOSEF, 82 professional associations and organization present special awards. From these professional award donors, Beaumont students received 16 awards:

Air and Waste Management Association – Emily Boes

American Psychological Association – Christina Kerner

Cleveland Clinic – Innovations – Anna Libertin

Cleveland Clinic – Innovations – Julia Parker

Cleveland State University Department of Mathematics - Anna Grushetsky

Cleveland State University – Department of Psychology - Christina Kerner

First Energy Corporation – Yennmay Chia

Genius Olympiad – Emily Boes

Intel Excellence in Computer Science - Anna Libertin

Mu Alpha Theta – Anna Grushetsky

NEOSEF Board of Directors Award – Ana Maria Vargas

Ricoh Americas Corporation – Emily Boes

Society for Applied Spectroscopy - Grace Gamble

Stockholm Junior Water Prize – Emily Boes

United States Metric Association - Marija Rowane

William R. Sweet Family - Marija Rowane

Established in 1953, the Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair (NEOSEF) is a non-profit, all volunteer organization, whose goal is to get young adults interested in science and engineering by participating in a science and engineering competition. During the four day event, approximately 600 students from over 80 schools in the area set up their science fair displays, discuss their projects with 260+ judges and compete for more than $20,000 in prizes.


BEST Medicine Engineering Fair

Beaumont students also received awards in the 2013 BEST Medicine Engineering Fair, NE Ohio’s premier engineering fair devoted exclusively to students interested in exploring biomedical engineering. Held at the National inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, nine Beaumont students awards as follows:

Megan Jones ’13: Gold Award in Sensors/Imaging

MATLAB Best Use of Math Award

Case Western Reserve University Award, Grades 11-12


Grace Gamble ‘13: Silver Award in Health/Medicine


Erika Klek ‘14: Silver Medal in Health/Medicine

$1000 Scholarship to the University of Akron


Marija Rowane ‘14: Silver Medal in Sensors/Imaging

Plastics News Award (10th-12th grade)


Francesca Fabe ‘16: Bronze Medal in Health/Medicine

Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute Award

Personalized Wellness Management Cartooning Award


Julia Parker ‘14: Simulation Award sponsored by Simpleware


The BEST Medicine Engineering Fair was held March 9. It hosts students in grades 6-12 who have created science projects relating to biomedical science and engineering within approved categories.