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Curriculum: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Beaumont School’s faculty is committed to ensuring that its graduates are ready for the demands, challenges and advancements of the twenty-first century. Our teachers maintain high expectations for students and encourage them to apply knowledge outside the classroom.

Significant progress has been made in preparing students for STEM careers. Our science courses contribute to intellectual development by providing a strong foundation in fundamental science concepts and an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills through inquiry and experimentation.

Building 21st Century Skills for 21st Century Women

In 2010 Beaumont launched a new pre-engineering program for students interested in preparing for STEM careers. With an emphasis on problem solving and design concepts, the program enables students to think like an engineer and prepares them for an undergraduate degree in engineering. Students take classes in robotics, drawing and design, mathematics and science and also participate in engineering presentations and STEM-related conferences.

The core strength of Beaumont’s science program is in its faculty and curriculum. The science department at Beaumont strives to provide hands-on opportunities at a college level and requires enhanced facilities to stay on the leading edge of science education. Our students, faculty and staff are recognized locally, regionally, and nationally for their outstanding achievements. We must continue to infuse the learning environment with a commitment to excellence and offer the very best equipment and facilities possible.

As the demand for skilled workers in STEM increases in today’s world and excellence in science and math is highly sought-after, it is critical that we prepare our students to be equipped and inspired to solve problems in new frontiers.

Artist's rendering - New STEM Building along North Park Boulevard. The current classroom building is to the right. Click here for a larger image.

Our Plan for Improvements in Science

Science improvements are needed for Beaumont to remain competitive among area schools and to affirm our position of offering single-gender Catholic education on the east side of Cleveland. We must continue to develop the infrastructure to promote progress and innovation in our curriculum. With the expansion, Beaumont will be able to better support a 21st-century science education for our current students.

The new science building will dramatically improve the learning environment for all students. Currently six rooms service the science department, all of which are located in the academic building first constructed on Beaumont’s campus over 50 years ago. Only one of the rooms offers the combined laboratory/classroom format preferred by the science faculty. A combined space for laboratory and lecture activity is urgently needed. Additional academic teaching space is a priority and the needs of the science curriculum require development of a new science building with capacity to support an advanced level of science instruction and provide hands-on experience with modern equipment and methodology.

Beaumont Campus History

1850 Ursuline Academy Opens on Euclid Avenue at East 4th Street.
1893 The School moves to East 55th Street.
1942 Renamed Beaumont School and moved to the former Painter Estate in Cleveland Heights.
1950s Current Science building opened.
1964 Current Classrom building opened.
1994 Conway Field built.
1998 School-wide fiber optics installed.
2004 Spiritual Life Center is dedicated.
2006 Athletic facilities updated.
2009 Painter Mansion acquired from the Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland.
2012 Courtyard renovated and dedicated.
2013 Construction begins on a new STEM building.

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