Cassie Denbow '09

Cassie Denbow '09 was named "most likely to work at the United Nations," in her senior superlatives. Her classmates were pretty spot on, as Cassie strives to improve international relations each day in her position as a program manager with the American India Foundation in Delhi, India. 

After graduating from Seton Hall University with a degree in international relations, Cassie applied and was accepted into the Clinton Fellowship with the American India Foundation. After the yearlong fellowship, Cassie became a project manager, where she oversees 40 fellows throughout India, performs site visits, and evaluates marketing and fundraising strategies.

It was during her time at Beaumont that Cassie Denbow '09 discovered her passion for social justice issues. Her interest in pursuing a career in international relations was further solidified after traveling to El Salvador with Beaumont to learn about the martyrdom of Sr. Dorothy Kazel. For Cassie, a Beaumont education not only cultivated her interests, but provided a unique learning environment.

"All girl's schools create a community that just doesn't exist anywhere else," Cassie said. "It's an invaluable experience."

In the future, Cassie plans on attending graduate school and wants to work with food security and systems, whether stateside or abroad. But every time she comes back to Cleveland, she's sure to visit with Beaumont friends and remember where her interests started.

"Beaumont was such a holistic experience - everything you learn can be applied elsewhere," she said. "You learn that you can do more than you ever thought you could do."