Coming Together

We have been talking about and planning for the new academic building for a very long time.  We have celebrated the ground breaking, we have watched the equipment drive in and out, crews working in all kinds of weather.  We have shaken our fists at the harsh winter, and praised a wonderful summer.  On Wednesday of last week, I put on a hard hat and walked through the building that has been the subject of so much anticipation.  Stepping around workers from all different trades who were working on their own tasks, stepping around their equipment, I can only describe it as that I was in AWE.  I am in awe of the number of skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen who have the ability to create, design, install, equip---whatever their jobs happen to be.  Their skills have created a 25,000 square foot building that IS the future of Beaumont School.

The new building is a beautiful space that will truly change how students receive and exchange information.  Aesthetically, the new space blends well with the old for a beautiful transition.  Inside, though, students will have greater access to technologies in the classroom and throughout the building.  Overall, this is a building that will help us better prepare students well into the future.  Furthermore, it lets us re-purpose the classrooms in the current academic building in order to better serve students in all academic areas.  This campaign will allow us to better serve young women now and well into the future. 

(Picture 1 below:  one of the new science classrooms) 

(Picture 2 below:  the new Student Commons with windows overlooking Lake Garda)