STEM Building

The groundbreaking for Beaumont's nearly 25,000 square foot building addition was held in September 2013. After a tough winter, construction moved swiftly and the building was completed in December 2014. A grand opening for the students was held on January 5, 2015, which also was the first day of classes in the building.

STEM Classrooms

The building contains two floors with eight STEM classrooms, designed in a lecture/lab format in order to reinforce the appropriate relationship between labs, classrooms, and preparation. Each pair of classrooms will be divided by a common prep room that teachers can use to set up labs, as work space, and for storage.

All of the classrooms will be equipped with the appropriate technologies to support the curriculum. This includes CAD software and printers, SmartBoard technology, robotics kits, and wireless Internet access throughout. Students will be given expanded access to technologies in order to increase their experience in using them as part of the problem-solving process.

Administrative and Counseling

The construction of the building forces a repositioning of the school’s entrance. This includes the construction of a new reception area and an administrative suite that will be located on the first floor at the center of the academic wing. This shift in location will increase student safety by allowing administration convenient access to students and allows visitors to be greeted and directed properly. The first floor also contains a student commons and patio that overlooks Lake Garda, giving our students a common area to study and work.

On the second floor, the guidance offices will be centrally located. The new office suite will have expanded space for students to use for the preparation of their college applications and portfolios. There will be a conference room that can be used for small group meetings, college presentations or private discussions.

Quick Facts

The architects for the new STEM building are Van Auken Akins Architects LLC (VAA) owned by Jill Van Auken Akins AIA, a Beaumont alumna ’78. Jill has a long legacy with Beaumont, as she is not only an alumna, she is the parent of a Beaumont graduate ’10, and is a former Beaumont board member. Jill’s mother Ann McPolin McGee graduated from Beaumont in 1953, and her three aunts are also alumnae: Rita Jean McPolin Rudmann ’55, Mary Ann VanAuken Ewald ’54, and Joan Van Auken Kennedy ’48.

Jill came to Beaumont knowing that she wanted to be an architect, which was a field dominated by men at the time. “No one [at Beaumont] said that this is a man’s field, and you should not pursue it. Instead they said ‘Great. Let’s put you in art. Let’s get you involved in math. Let’s push you along.’”

VAA was established in 1992 and offers architecture, interior design and construction management services. The firm has completed several projects at Beaumont School, Ursuline College, The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals. VAA is also currently involved in the Cleveland waterfront development planning, the Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center and the Convention Center Hotel.

Construction Contractor
The Albert M. Higley Company

24,544 square feet (12, 922 first floor, 11,622 second floor)
8 convertible lab/classrooms
4 integrated prep rooms
LEED certified 

“Beaumont will always be more than a just a school to me. It’s the place where I blossomed into an outgoing, smart, and compassionate young woman with the help of many mentors along the way.” -Kelly Straniero ‘11

“The best money you could spend, not just for your daughter, but for the family she will raise and the community she will inhabit.” -Mary Jo Paulett Toumert ‘75

“Beaumont science classes gave me the opportunity to think outside the box and to constantly question what I observed. The teachers shared their passion for science with me. They never set limits on where I could go." - Elizabeth Kavran ‘83, DDS & Acting Dean of Arts & Sciences, Ursuline College