Drama Curriculum



 Students will explore the theatre arts through a study of performance skills, elements of technical theater,
 and theater history. In this project based learning course, students will develop an understanding of the basics of characterization for the actor, analyze and apply the use of theatrical elements (sound, lighting, costume) to enhance a production, and examine the development of theater through the ages.

0.5 credit – open to all grades

 Students will explore the development of the craft of acting through the study of the history of theater and
 acting theory. Students will read, analyze, and discuss plays from classical era to contemporary drama. Major assignments will include scene work and monologue performances, self and peer performance evaluations, and written script analysis. Students must have a basic understanding of acting and theater to enroll in this course.

0.5 credit – open to grades 10, 11, and 12
Prerequisite: Introduction to Acting or Introduction to Theater or instructor approval

 Students enrolled in this course will learn the process of directing a dramatic production from play
 selection and analysis through the rehearsal process. Students will select a short scene or one-act play to direct. Each director will cast the show and lead her cast through rehearsals. Each student will be evaluated on the process and the product and will be required to keep a journal of her progress.

0.5 credit – open to Grades 11, 12
Prerequisite: Introduction to Acting or Introduction to Theater or instructor approval

 This course provides a dynamic exploration of professional design and production for the stage. Students investigate the aesthetic and functional roles of lighting and scenery, gain technical knowledge of instruments and tools, and apply this knowledge by designing and building the lights and sets for the Drama Club's current production.

0.5 credit - open to grades 11, 12, and grade 10 as space is available