Heather Brown '00, Nickelodeon PR Manager


Left to right: Jessica Rambo, Heather Kocubinski (née Ritchey),
Heather Brown, and Clarice Mazanec

How long have you been with Nickelodeon?
I’ve worked at Nickelodeon for eight years -- pretty much since graduating from Miami University of Ohio (class of ’04). At Miami, I was a double major in Communications and English.

Tell us about your job.
Some of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on at Nickelodeon include our annual Kids’ Choice Awards held in Los Angeles, where we honor and SLIME some of the biggest stars in the world. A couple years ago I met one of my idols, Stevie Wonder, on the orange carpet and that was simply awesome! I also spearheaded the PR campaign for Dora the Explorer’s 10th anniversary in 2010, which was a huge company priority and turned out to be a major success.

And you’re going to school as well, right?
I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Strategic Communications degree at Columbia University and will graduate in May 2014. It’s a part-time program that takes up all of my time!

Do you have any spare time? What do you do for fun?
When I actually have time for fun, I like to hang out and explore New York City with my best friends and fellow Beaumont alums – Jessica Rambo, Clarice Mazanec and Heather Ritchey (all Class of 2000 alumnae). We love trying different types of cuisine, seeing Broadway shows, and Karaoke!

What do you remember about Beaumont?
My favorite teacher was Mr. Langa. He and I had lots of inside jokes and he was just the best teacher. I try to practice my French any chance I get and am also in the process of learning Italian as I’d like to retire in Italy one day.

Going to Beaumont was one of the best decisions as it truly helped me become the person I am today. I am driven, courageous and confident because of the values instilled in me at Beaumont. I have friends for life because of Beaumont. So proud to be a Beaumonster!