International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate is a globally recognized organization that provides a curriculum present in thousands of schools and more than 150 countries. Founded by diplomats yearning for a standard curriculum for their children as they moved from country to country, the IB is considered to be an international gold standard of learning. 

It's been proven that IB students have a higher chance of: being accepted into more selective colleges and universities, earning more scholarship dollars, and earning college credit for their high school courses. Beaumont will offer the IB Diploma Programme, a rigorous curriculum that is taken during a student's junior and senior year. The IB DP is an immersive, interdisciplinary experience that educates the student for college and beyond.

Questions about IB? Contact Nick Beyer, Dean of Academics, at or (216) 325-7350. 

For more information on IB and its implementation at Beaumont, visit Beaumont's IB FAQ page, read Beaumont's informational brochure regarding the program, or one of the below pages on the IB website.

Information for Parents

The IB Learner Profile 

History of IB