Lunch Menu

Monday, April 3 -- Friday, April 7, 2017


Monday:  Buffalo chicken salad.  -- $4.00

Iceberg lettuce covered with breaded chicken patties that have been dunked in hot sauce; topped with homemade ranch dressing and onion straws.

Tuesday:  Teriyaki chicken stir fry.  -- $4.00

A mound of vegetables stir fried with diced chicken and teriyaki sauce and spooned over a bed of rice.

Wednesday:  Grilled chicken over farfalle in pesto.  -- $4.00

Bowtie pasta tossed in homemade basil pesto with a piece of grilled chicken laid on top.

Thursday:  Mac and cheese!  -- $4.00

Elbow macaroni tossed in a creamy cheese sauce and covered in a bread crumb topping.

Friday:  Margarita pizza.  -- $4.00

Freshly made pizza topped with garlic oil, fresh and shredded mozzarella, and sprinkled with fresh basil.  Yum!


What’s Cooking in the Kitchen?   This is the last week of Lent before our Easter break! Be sure to check out some of the options we have on the salad bar this week --  tuna salad, crab salad, egg salad, homemade clam chowder, in addition to a large selection of breads, vegetables, and salad toppers!

Check back every week to see what's being served in our dining room! Click here to view Beaumont's Wellness Statement for food and beverages served in our dining room.