Parent Newsletter - April 10, 2014

It is amazing how we continue to pack numerous events into a single week at Beaumont! I had just sent out last Thursday's newsletter before heading to the dining room for another after school event. This event, sponsored by University Hospitals and the American Heart Association was part of the "Girls Go Red" campaign. This pilot program is designed to educate young women about healthy heart habits and the risk of heart attacks in women.Mrs. Stacey Mazzurco, one of our parents from University Hospitals and Amanda Rowe from the American Heart Association are two mentors for the project and are helping to bring this program to Beaumont School working with a small group of students to expose this educational experience to the student body.

The activity planned on Thursday was a CPR training with the new American Heart Association procedures. The student team members advertised the event throughout the week and hoped that a good representation of students would show up to learn the new CPR methods. It was an overwhelming surprise when 94 students entered the dining room to be trained!

The three paramedic instructors were blown away with the amount of interested students as well as the orderly and disciplined fashion in which our girls responded to their directions and teaching. The paramedics had brought over 50 mannequins for the students to train on. All the girls had an opportunity to practice the new method of Hands-only CPR to the disco beat of "Stayin' Alive." Even some of our teachers stopped in to watch. Mrs. Mulhall was kneeling right next to her students throughout the training.

After the students were taught the new Hands-only CPR method, the instructors allowed the girls to practice using an AED (automated external defibrillator). The girls were shown two of the three AED units that are on site at Beaumont School. One is located just inside the east door leading to the soccer field, one is located in a marked box next to the soccer field and the third one is located in the Trainer's room off of the gymnasium. We are lucky to have these devices on site. The AED that is stored in the Trainer's room is a portable device that is taken to all away sporting events. We hope that we never would need to use it, but take comfort in knowing that it is close by if needed. The paramedics were impressed that the two Beaumont units they used were updated with current batteries. Our Athletic Department and Health Aide do maintenance checks to make sure the batteries are charged and the devices are in working order. All of the adult instructors and team members couldn't say enough about the behavior and interest of our girls. It is always a pleasure to hear such wonderful compliments about Beaumont students. You, as parents, should be proud, too.

I must say that this was a typical "Beaumont event" in the fact that snacks were served before the training started and Vitamix smoothies were served after the event! I think the girls come for the educational experience but wonder how much the food factors in with attendance! To end the event, 39 portable demonstration kits were raffled off to the students in attendance. These kits contain inflatable mannequins and directions on the Hands-only CPR. They are designed for those trained in CPR to teach others they know. Hopefully the 39 kits were taken home and shared with some of you. It was a generous gift to our student body and hopefully it will be a gift to someone else; possibly someone whose life might be saved from a student or family member who was trained through this session.

Thanks to all who supported the Gala on Saturday night. Mrs. Veronica Selby did a phenomenal job planning this annual fund raising event. I enjoyed meeting up with many of you and was excited to see Carol Baird Roddy, Brien Shanahan and DickKnoth be recognized for their outstanding support and contributions to Beaumont School. We are blessed to have such dedicated and special people be a part of our school community.

Our Spring Open House took place last night and we had a great showing of interested students attend. Our current ambassadors do a great job giving tours of the building. They are definitely our best saleswomen! Continue to help spread the good news of Beaumont to your neighbors and friends. We are still accepting applications for next year.

On a final note please share with your daughters who drive to school the following message. The Cleveland Heights police will be enforcing the posted parking restrictions along the roads and side streets near Beaumont School. There is a particular need for students to refrain from parking on Exeter Road. The posted signs state the street is a "TWO HOUR PARKING ZONE ONLY." Tickets will be issued to students who abuse this parking zone rule. Residents on this street continue to call the police department when the policy is abused. We shared this news with the students earlier in the month and repeated it again today. Parking tickets will be issued to students parking on Exeter Road.

We also ask your respect in supporting our school policy about refraining from parking on North Park Boulevard. The school policy has always been "no student parking on North Park Boulevard" to maintain the safety of our students. Some students continue to disregard this policy. Unfortunately we have witnessed first-hand some traumatic accidents and worry about the safety of all students. As a concerned and caring parent, we ask your help in reminding students about the need to follow policy to protect their classmates and themselves.

As always, Beaumont is blessed,

Mary Whelan