Parent Newsletter for August 27, 2015

Parent Newsletter for August 27, 2015
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MessageFromPrincipalMessage from the Principal
Mary Whelan

The first day of school started very early for some of our students this year. Our energetic and enthusiastic seniors arrived bright and early (some before 6:00 AM) to welcome all our freshmen and sophomores who were dropped off at the North Park entrance. Their cheers, music and horns were a bit intimidating but their genuine spirit of being our newest school leaders was evident in the care they took in recognizing and directing those students that were a bit overwhelmed with the entire welcoming experience. Hopefully, all these early risers will continue to be early for school the rest of the school year.
Our welcome back Convocation was a great way to start off the school year. Hats off to our Executive Student Council officers who planned this exciting assembly. Sister Gretchen began this Convocation like all others, with prayer. Welcome remarks and introductions were shared as well as an overview of student council activities planned throughout the year. Our fundraising efforts this year, in coordination with all Ursuline schools throughout the country will be directed towards the global organization, "Because I am a Girl". Please ask your daughters to share more about this organization with you.
One of the most anticipated parts of our welcome back assembly revolves around unveiling the Class Themes of 2015-2016. A cute video revealed that this year's theme will revolve around the Summer Olympics of 2016! Classes were assigned a country to represent throughout the school year. Don't be surprised if a bed sheet disappears and you later see it transformed into a toga, or your favorite Kelly Green sweater gets legs and does not reappear until June! Talk to your daughters to find out what country she will be representing this year!
Please take note of the following notes and upcoming events and make sure they get placed on your calendars:
  • Ripcho Studios will be taking your daughter's school picture on Monday, August 31, 2016. Photo packets were sent home with the girls on the first day of school. Students may dress up for these pictures. Please, have your daughters follow our dress code policy for non-uniform days.
  • All freshmen and transfer students received their passwords for PowerSchool, our online gradebook. Parent's passwords were mailed today. Please see additional information in the text below.
  • The fair trade uniform skirt orders were delivered and passed out to all students at the start of the week. Additional skirts are on sale in the Spirit Store. If your daughter's skirt does not fit properly, she may visit the Spirit Store and exchange it for a different size.
  • Thanks to all the parents who sent money into school or added money to your daughter's cafeteria account. Though the lines were long on the first day recording all the deposits, the remainder of the week has moved much more quickly. If you have any questions or concerns about your daughter's account please contact Chef Bo at 216-325-7338 or 
  • We experienced a few problems with our Back to School Forms this year. If you have been contacted by a school office staff, please reenter the link below and make the corrections to your forms. Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Marcheggiani at 216-325-7317.
As always, Beaumont is blessed,

Mary Whelan

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BeaumontBuzzBeaumont Buzz

Sunday, 8/30             
Building Closed
Monday, 8/31             Blue Streak                  Building Hours: 6:30 AM-9:00 PM
School Picture Day! (Call-down Schedule TBA)
Tuesday, 9/1               A                                  Building Hours: 6:30 AM-9:00 PM
8:00 AM - Marketing Committee Meeting at Lennon House
Wednesday, 9/2          B                                  Building Hours: 6:30 AM-9:00 PM
11:25-1:25 PM - Club Fair at Lunch in Dining Room Hallway
3:15-4:00 PM - Activities Board in A121
3:15 PM: Informational Meeting about Seussical the Musical in the Theater
5:00 PM: Academic and Spirituality Committee Meeting in FDR
Thursday, 9/3             A                                  Building Hours: 6:30 AM-9:00 PM
7:30-8:00 AM - French Club Café in Dining Room
7:00-9:00 PM - Senior/Parent College Application Workshop in Dining Room
Friday, 9/4                  B                                  Building Hours: 6:30 AM-6:00 PM
Saturday, 9/5              Building Hours: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

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MissionIntegrationMission Integration 
The Faces of St. Angela: Angela the Educator
"Angela's Company offered women independence, self-sufficiency, charismatic authority, an opportunity to express their intellectual capacity, and public visibility "
(from Querciolo Mazzonis's 2007 book on St. Angela Merici)
St. Angela's revolutionary belief that women could and should extend their presence into the many separate facets of the world gave young women a new status and dignity as they embraced Angela's certainty regarding the power of virtue and the importance of education.  This founder of the Ursulines instilled in each of her Company a sense of individuality and a sense of what each could do in the area of public enterprise.  As Beaumont teachers and staff, we strive to continue that tradition.
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MenuMenu for the Week of August 31 - September 4

Monday: 8/31

Grilled Cheese on Texas toast with fries. -- $4.00 
Two thick slices of Texas toast stuffed with gooey melted cheese and served with a side of Beaumont fries.
Tuesday: 9/1

Chicken and broccoli Alfredo bake. -- $4.00 
Tender chicken and fresh broccoli simmered in a homemade garlic cream sauce, tossed with cavatappi pasta and topped with a parmesan bread crumb topping, then baked until golden brown and delicious.
Wednesday: 9/2

Grilled chicken spinach salad.  -- $4.00 
Free range, hormone free chicken that's been marinated and grilled, served over a bed of baby spinach, sliced red onion, strawberries, and orange segments; then topped with a homemade lemon poppyseed dressing. 
Thursday: 9/3

BBQ chicken with corn on the cob!  -- $4.00
 A last taste of summer?  Chef Bo will season chicken quarters (leg and thigh) with a homemade spice rub, and then grilled with a some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, and it will be served with a piece of corn that has been simmered in butter and milk.  Yum!
Friday: 9/4
Walking Tacos.  -- $4.00
 A fan favorite!  We take bags of Doritos and filled them with taco meat, shredded lettuce, salsa, sour cream, and cheese.  Then you "walk" them back to your table and enjoy them. 
What's cooking in the kitchen?  Did you know that this summer we added a new gas grill in the kitchen!  Keep your taste buds on the lookout for new delicious grilled items on the menu!
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Notice to Parents
** Please note that we do not allow negative account balances in the cafeteria.  If you would like to add funds to your daughter's account you can do so online at or you can provide her with cash or check to bring to the cafeteria cashier to be added to her account.  You can also pay by credit card by calling Kathy in the finance office at 216.325.7312. 
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powerschoolPowerSchool Single Sign On Parent Account

Creating a Single Sign On Parent Account
1. Access Beaumont's student and parent PowerSchool portal as normal. This is most easily found on the Beaumont website. Click Parents, Parent Login Portal, PowerSchool Login.
2. Click on Create Account
3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, and create a desired username and password.

4. Scroll down the page to the "Link to Students Accounts" portion.
  • This is where the you will need your Web ID (Access ID) and your Password (Access Password) from the parent mailing that was mailed out today.
  • If you have multiple children at Beaumont, you will enter your different IDs and passwords for each student.
5. Once all Access ID's and Passwords have been entered have hit enter at the bottom of the page.

6. You will now be able to log into their accounts just as before.

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seussicalDrama Auditions for Seussical
An informational meeting about Beaumont Drama's fall musical Seussical the Musical will be held on Wednesday, September 2 at 3:15 in the theater.  At this meeting, we will discuss casting needs, audition requirements, and the production schedule.  Students interested in participating on crew or playing in the orchestra are also invited to attend this meeting.
Auditions will be held on Tuesday, September 8 from 3:30 to 6:00 and Wednesday, September 9 from 4:30 to 6:30 in the SLC Theater.  We are looking to cast 18-20 young women and men.  For Beaumont's production, the roles of The Cat in the Hat and JoJo will be played as female.  Auditions are open to students in all grade levels. (If you know any young men who might be interested in participating in this production, please forward this e-mail to them.)  All cast members must be able to sing (in harmony) and follow basic choreography. 
Information about the auditions, including how to sign up, the requirements to audition, casting information, and  the audition application, can be found at the Beaumont Drama Production Google Classroom: .  Use code vb0t4h to register for the "class."
If you have any questions about Beaumont Drama's production of Seussical, please contact Mrs. Bernardo via e-mail. 
Break legs,
Mrs. B

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 FathersClubFathers' Club

A hearty "Welcome" to all fathers new to the Beaumont community! Our annual "get acquainted" cookout this past Saturday was a rousing success, with about forty in attendance, our best turnout in a few years. The food and fellowship was outstanding, with a big thank you to Jose Padilla, our volunteer chef, who manned the hot grill for the afternoon.

The next event for the Fathers' Club will be our meeting on Monday, September 14, where we will begin the work of preparing for the Luau, our largest fundraiser of the year. Remember that this money is primarily for the scholarship fund, so it's important to get as many dads involved as possible to maximize that effort. 

All are welcome to contribute their ideas and we always welcome any willing laborers who are interested in lending a hand, no matter how much time you are able to spare.

We welcome all who are interested in becoming involved in the Fathers' Club to contact one of the officers for more information. 

Mike Travis ( or 216-235-2086) 
Brian Gran (
Bob Fox ( or 216-233-3714) 
Todd Courtney ( or 330-697-2265).
Remember our motto: "It's all about the girls."
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motersguildMothers' Guild

The Mothers' Guild welcomes the class of 2019, all students, and faculty to a wonderful year at Beaumont. 

We invite all Beaumont moms to join us at our monthly meetings, activities and events.  Grandmothers, aunts and guardians are invited to attend any and all of our functions. Our first meeting will be Wednesday, September 16 at 6:30 PM in the school Library. We hope you will be able to attend and we look forward to meeting some new moms! 

Good luck to everyone with your first few weeks of school.
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oneseedOne Seed Heritage Fare Trade Skirts  
Hilary Dell from One Seed Heritage will be re-stocking our Spirit Store with even more skirts mid-September. If you have questions, you can reach Hilary at or call our Dean of Students, Coreen Schaefer, 
at 216-325-7318.  
Stay tuned for news about Beaumont students skyping with the wonderful women who made our skirts...and other collaborative projects!
golfclassic18th Annual Beaumont Golf Classic 

All Beaumont parents are invited to join us at the 18th annual Beaumont Golf Classic on Monday, September 14! 

All proceeds from this event benefit the Beaumont Alumnae Scholarship. Click here to find out more information and to register as a single golfer or foursome.  
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