Parent Newsletter for December 20, 2012

Message from the Principal

Dear parents and friends of Beaumont,

It has been a difficult week here at Beaumont. It is hard to see our young ladies deal with sadness and loss. Last Friday the senseless shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School touched us all. As educators and administrators, we worry constantly about the safety and well-being of the students in our charge. It is ironic that Mrs. Teeples and I were in a meeting reviewing and updating our own Crisis Plan when we first heard the news.

As many of you may have read in the paper or heard on the news, every school in Ohio must have a Crisis Plan and building blueprint on file with the State of Ohio and the school's city of residence. Our plan has been in place for years and we were reviewing and updating our school's information. We work in conjunction with the city of Cleveland Heights and recently had them attend our lock down practice last month. An officer walked the halls with me as we tried entering classrooms and looking into rooms to see if students were visible from the door. This practice exercise is done yearly and well worth the time it takes to complete an entire sweep of our school. At the request of Cleveland Heights, we also added identification stickers to every door and entrance into our school this past year. These stickers match the identifiers on our blue prints and will help officers should they need to respond to a crisis.

As you are aware, we continue to keep our doors locked throughout the school day. Every student and staff member was issued a swipe card or fob on the first day of school that provides access into the building. It is imperative that our girls keep these swipe cards with them at all times. The school made a financial investment to maintain a higher level of security in our building so we expect our students to carry their access cards with them every day. Please understand that if your daughter is detained waiting to be buzzed into school when the office staff is busy, it is because she is not carrying her swipe card. It is my hope that we can teach our girls to be responsible and understand why we ask them to carry their cards with them. Please help us by talking to your daughters and having her get her swipe cards ready while still in the car with you. We provided lanyards to each girl as well so that the cards can be worn around their necks or placed in pockets for easy access. We entrust our girls with this security card and hope they understand the reason behind using it.

Earlier this week we shared with you the news of Mrs. Corrine Laffey's death. Many of our students knew her because she was their preschool teacher at St. Paschal Baylon School. She was a remarkable woman and was loved by so many. She liked being at Beaumont and volunteered in our Spirit Store last year. As a school community we prayed together in the morning and then allowed our junior class the opportunity to meet in our chapel for a special prayer service for their classmate, Samantha. It is always amazing to witness the love and care our girls have for each other. Mrs. Laffey's funeral will be held tomorrow at St. Paschal Baylon at 10:00 am. Any student is permitted to attend the funeral Mass. We ask that you call or send a note that your daughter will be attending. Please let us know if your daughter will be returning to school after the Mass. The family appreciates the continued prayers.

On a happier note, our Christmas Ball was a huge success as we moved the venue to our new St. Ann Hall. We have been told by many alumnae that all the school dances were held in this room, before it was turned into the music room. With the renovations of our new music room, we are finding many uses for this new space we now call St. Ann Hall. Our senior officers did a great job decorating the room. Christmas lights, trees, decorations and garland graced the windows, walls and fireplace. The music was entertaining and we heard lots of rave reviews.

Dr. Litteral's students have also been extremely busy these past few weeks. Both concerts this week were performed in front of full houses. The girls sounded wonderful and surely put the audience in the Christmas spirit. It was a special treat to hear Dr. Litteral sing at the Tuesday performance. She is definitely an inspiration to her students and our staff.

This will be my last letter for 2012! It has been an exciting year and I continue to believe that Beaumont is a special school filled with special people. May your holidays be filled with joy and happiness. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

As always, Beaumont is blessed,

Mary Whelan

The Beaumont Buzz - January 6 - 12, 2013

Sunday - 1/6

Monday - 1/7 - Regular Schedule

Tuesday - 1/8 - Regular Schedule
6:30 PM Girls Varsity Swimming - Home - Tri Meet - No Diving

Wednesday - 1/9-Regular Schedule
3:00 PM Activities Board

Thursday - 1/10-Regular Schedule
3:30 PM Second Annual Fashion Workshop (For potential Beaumont students)
7:00 PM Transition to College for Students with Learning Differences
7:00 PM Girls Varsity Gymnastics - Away@ West Geauga

Friday - 1/11 - Regular Schedule
7:00 PM One Act Plays

Saturday - 1/12
9:00 AM Senior Parent Financial Aid Workshop - Computer Lab
7:30 PM One Act Plays
TBA Girls Varsity Swimming Away - North East Classic
2:30 PM - Girls JV Basketball - Home - Padua Franciscan High School
4:00 PM - Girls Varsity Basketball - Home - Padua Franciscan High School