Parent Newsletter for March 7


Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of Beaumont,

Well it was another busy week at Beaumont! I must say one of my favorite activities was attending the National Honor Society's fundraiser breakfasts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The food, prepared by our girls, was delicious! For $5.00 a day, I ate better than if I had attended a five star restaurant. The homemade cinnamon rolls reminded me of my grandmother's recipe from 40 years ago. That was truly a treat for me. I can't remember the last time I had a real, homemade cinnamon roll! The best part of the meal, though, was knowing that our girls raised enough money to cover the cost of three surgeries for children born with a cleft palate. Over $700 was raised because our NHS girls believed in service for others and donated their time, talent and supplies to bring awareness to Operation Smile. I am sure it was not easy to be at Beaumont and ready to serve breakfast by 7:00 am but at least a dozen girls were working the griddles, and flipping pancakes every morning. It was a job well done!

Last Friday our Admissions Department hosted an Acceptance Party for our newest members of the Class of 2017. Participation was overwhelming and when I stopped in to check out the event, I was amazed at how well the girls had already bonded with each other. I couldn't tell who was having more fun; the newly accepted students or our current ambassadors who were helping run the event. Knowing that our current students continue to volunteer to work events like this, (especially on a Friday night,) confirms with me that our girls never get tired of being a Beaumont girl. They want to be involved and share in the fun that these activities bring. I am sure we had close to 30 girls assisting Ms. Daly and Ms. Durkalski with this events.

Last night our Admissions Department hosted the Pre-Freshman Curriculum Night for these same students and their parents. It was well attended and our department chairs did a great job explaining their curriculum and course selections. Staff members will be meeting with individual families during the next two weeks to have them officially register for classes. As you know, your daughters have been registering for their classes as well during their group guidance meetings with their counselors. If you have any questions or concerns about class selections do not hesitate to contact Ms. Stefanos or Ms. Iarussi with questions.

Many of you have been asking about next year's school calendar, we have finalized the calendar and it is posted on the Beaumont website. (click here to view)

Finally, you may have noticed that the bottom of my message has a few new icons gracing the page. I find that more and more I am including links to videos or websites that are relevant to something we did at school during the week. Last week's message included two links. (Operation Smile and a video on the Pope) It looks like many of you are checking out these links and even sharing them with others. Our Marketing Committee has been busy creating better ways to keep our stakeholders involved in the happenings of Beaumont. We have been updating our Facebook and Twitter accounts regularly and I encourage you to click on the links to learn more about what is happening with students, alum and friends of Beaumont. There are some great photos and videos of current students and you find that our alumnae are beginning to share exciting news with us as well. Take a minute now and click on one of them. You just might be surprised at what (or who) you see!

As always, Beaumont is blessed!

Mary Whelan

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Beaumont Buzz

Sunday - 3/10
10:00 AM Mother/Daughter Communion Breakfast

Monday - 3/11-Regular Schedule - OGT Reading Test
8-11 OGT Reading Test
Lunch A & B Voices of Harmony Bake Sale

Tuesday - 3/12-OGT Schedule(Block order 2, 3, 4, 1) - OGT Math Test
8-11 OGT Math Test
Lunch A & B Voices of Harmony Bake Sale
3:00 Shamrock Shakes for Irish-American Club Members

Wednesday - 3/13-OGT Schedule (Block order 3, 4, 1, 2) - OGT Writing Test
8-11 OGT Writing Test
8:00 TiE Entrepreneur Youth Competition
Lunch A & B Voices of Harmony Bake Sale
Lunch A & B - University of Cincinnati
3:30 ACT Prep, Rm 109
4:30 Incoming Freshman Registration

Thursday - 3/14 "Pi Day"-OGT Schedule (4, 1, 2, 3) - OGT Science Test
8-11 OGT Science Test
LUNCH A & B Environmental Club Pie Sales
6:00 Winter Sports Banquet
7:00 Steel Magnolias

Friday - 3/15-Regular Schedule - OGT Social Studies Test
8-11 OGT Social Studies Test
Ides of March - Wear black accessories (socks, undershirts, headbands, etc.)
7:30 Steel Magnolias

Saturday - 3/16
7:30 Steel Magnolias