Parent Newsletter for May 16

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of Beaumont, 

What a beautiful day it has been! I love being able to look out my office window that overlooks our courtyard and see the girls enjoying the space. Today I saw two different classes use the area for an outdoor classroom experience. I also noticed that the courtyard was filled with students eating their lunches at the tables and on the Catherine E. Abel Sitting Wall. Everything is so green and the bulbs and bushes that were planted last year are really providing color and beauty to this wonderful space. The space is a busy area as it is also used for outside gatherings by others. In fact, our most recent graduates from the class of 2012 met there yesterday afternoon for a mini reunion. Refreshments were served and it was most likely the infamous "Beaumont cookie" that brought them back! It was so nice to see so many of the girls return. Mary Ebner, our Alumnae Manager did a great job getting the word out to them. There were lots of faculty and staff that went out to meet them and catch up on their first year experience of college. The girls had so much fun they already asked Mrs. Ebner to plan it again for next year!

I am happy to share that our senior girls had an enjoyable prom and after-prom! There was a problem with transportation that I continue to work on with the bussing company, but overall, the girls looked absolutely gorgeous, the dates were total gentlemen, Windows on the River provided an excellent venue and the word is that Fun and Stuff was "totally awesome!" I also noticed that our prom received media coverage by the Sun News and photos of the evening can be found at Check them out!

Our RoboBot team is heading to Indianapolis tomorrow morning for the National Competition that will be held over the weekend. Thanks to our sponsor, Christopher Tool for all their support throughout the year and especially for helping fund this trip for our girls and their families. We wish the girls and their coaches/mentors the best of luck! Go Bluestreaks!

Two of our juniors have recently shared good news about their summer plans. Dia Jones has been accepting into the Early College Program at Spellman College this summer. She will participate in this five-week leadership program in Atlanta. Fiona Lynch has been selected to be involved in a new program created by the Cleveland Museum of Art. This program is a new teen co-operative program (Teen COOP) where high school students will be trained to work alongside museum professionals to become part of their Gallery One team. Congratulations to both girls.

As we move ahead toward the final days of school I encourage you to keep checking on your daughters grades and progress. Sometimes the nice weather causes our girls to begin shutting down a little earlier than they can afford! The teachers are always available to help.

As always, Beaumont is blessed,

Mary Whelan


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