Parent Newsletter for May 9

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of Beaumont, 

With some of the crazy hours I spend here at Beaumont, I have often felt like it would be easier to spend the night here at school rather than drive home. Tuesday night, I did just that! However, I must preface it with the fact that it wasn't so much that I had to work later Tuesday night, but rather, I wanted to be at school on Wednesday morning when the seniors arrived for their last official day of classes. That being said, the rumor around school was that our graduates would be arriving at 5:00 AM! Seeing that I am not the early riser, starting my day at 3:00 AM didn't quite appeal to me! I needed to put a plan in place!

As many of you might know, my husband and I own a motorhome. My hope was to be able to treat the girls to homemade donuts and orange juice to begin their day of celebration. If I "set up camp" on Tuesday evening, the grills would be ready for the early arrival. With a bit of twisting of arms, I was able to convince Sr. Erin and Ms. Stefanos to become roommates in the motorhome for the evening. I pulled the rig into position by 9:00 pm on Tuesday night so that the seniors were unaware that the principal and her companions would be the first ones to arrive Wednesday morning. Needless to say, when the first car pulled in at 5:10 a.m. we were ready for the start of a great day and a great breakfast! The senior "swimmers" who were used to early practice hours and a few extra die-hard students arrived first with additional grills and skillets. They began cooking bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes for their classmates. As more girls arrived, food began to multiply. Food was plentiful and it was fun treating the girls to homemade donuts that were hot off the grill. They seemed to appreciate and enjoy their final morning together. There were many staff members who were part of the tradition our seniors enjoy on their last day of school and I was so impressed with this group of young ladies. They were well behaved and made us proud. We will miss their personalities and presence during the next few weeks as they start their Project REAL assignments. We are already looking forward to their return on May 28th when they come back for their senior breakfast and class presentations.

This Saturday is the senior prom. It will be held at Window on the River. We have close to 200 students and their dates attending this event. We transport all the students by bus to the prom and after-prom so that the students are safer. Please pray that they enjoy this special day and that God protects them and keeps them safe throughout the entire weekend. Prom weekends always require extra prayers!

This Sunday is Mother's Day and I would like to extend a special thank you to the mothers who continue to support their daughters and our school. We are a better school because of the parents who invest their time and talent in Beaumont. Thanks and God bless you this Mothers' Day!

As always, Beaumont is blessed,

Mary Whelan


The Beaumont Buzz


Sunday - 5/12

Monday - 5/13 - Regular Schedule
AP Biology, Music and Physics
Early Dismissal@ 1:45 JV Track
3:00 Department Chair Meeting
TBA Girls JV Track Away Woodridge Meet
5:00 PM Girls Varsity Softball - Away - Holy Name High School @ Saint John Bosco Church
5:00 PM Girls JV Softball - Home - Holy Name High School Facility: Ursuline
7:00 PM Girls Varsity Lacrosse - Away - Revere High School First Round of Playoffs

Tuesday - 5/14 C- Schedule –Student Council Class Officer Speeches
AP Government
Early Dismissal @ 2:30 Varsity Softball
Early Dismissal @ 2:45 Varsity Lacrosse
Block 1: 8:00 – 9:19
HR: 9:24 – 9:33
Class Officer Speeches: 9:38 – 10:18
Block 2: 10:23 – 11:42
Block 3
Lunch A: 11:47 – 12:12
Class: 12:17 – 1:36Class: 11:47 – 1:06
Lunch B: 1:11 – 1:36
Block 4: 1:41 – 3:00
Lunch A – Link Crew Info Meeting – Rm 105
4:30 PM Girls Varsity Softball Away Mayfield High School@ Mayfield High School
4:30 PM Girls JV Softball Home Mayfield High School Facility: Forest Hills Park
5:00 PM Girls Varsity Lacrosse Away Andrews Osborne Academy

Wednesday - 5/15 - Regular Schedule
AP US History
HR – Student Council Officer Elections
Lunch B – Link Crew Info Meeting – St. Ursula Lobby
3:30 Class of 2012 Visit – Courtyard

Thursday - 5/16 - Regular Schedule
7:30 AM & 3:30 PM Link Crew Info Meetings –Rm 105
HR – Student Council Home Representative Elections
4:30 PM Girls Varsity Softball Home Sectional Game  Facility: Ursuline

Friday - 5/17 - Special Schedule
Junior Shadow Day – 11th grade
Career Day – 10th grade
PLAN Testing – 9th grade
8:00 – 11:20  Sophomores – Career Day
Freshmen – PLAN Testing
11:25 – 12:00 Lunch for grades 9 and 10
12:05 – 12:45 Block 1
12:50 – 1:30 Block 2
1:35 – 2:15 Block 3
2:20 – 3:00 Block 4

Saturday - 5/18
TBA Girls Varsity Track - Away - Villa Angela-St. Joseph HS All Catholic at VASJ