Parent Newsletter for November 1, 2012

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of Beaumont,

Well it was quite the surprise to use our first calamity day during the month of October. Though we had been receiving warnings for a week, Hurricane Sandy still seemed to come as a surprise to many of use. It is not very often that we have enough warning to be able to cancel school for the next day before we even go to bed the night before! There are still many schools in the area that continue to be closed and many families in our community that still do not have power in their homes so please keep them in your prayers.

As you may have noticed, we do try and contact all the major TV stations. Channels 3, 5, 8 and 19 are the stations we advertise our closing on. Many of these stations have apps that you can download onto your phone so that you can receive text messages as soon Beaumont School closes. We also use our phone system to make calls informing parents of school closings or other important information. We have used the system twice this week! The first time was to alert families that our phone system was down on Monday morning, then again Monday evening to alert families that Beaumont would be closed on Tuesday. If you did not receive a phone message please contact Mrs. Denice Teeples at so that she can update the phone number we have on file for your family.

We officially started Quarter Two on Monday. The students adjusted well to their new schedules. It is always great for the girls to have a fresh start each quarter. Teachers have posted final grades for Quarter One and we have begun printing out reports cards. Remember that these report cards will be distributed on Monday evening at the conclusion of our Parent Education Night. We received many positive comments about our first Parent Education Night last year. We have planned two 40-minute sessions for parents this year. More information about this event can be read below. We strongly encourage your attendance so you can be educated, receive your daughter's report card and have an opportunity to win some prizes including Tuition vouchers and "Beaumont Cash." Please read more about this evening below.

Athletics continue to be exciting at Beaumont. Sr. Erin had done a great job keeping us updated and informed about all sports functions. Many students and staff attended the Volleyball game last night. Our girls have moved on to Regional finals and played Walsh Jesuit in Stow. It was an exciting game and went down to the wire but our girls came out victorious! Congratulations girls. We are excited that you continue your ride to the State finals. If you have not had an opportunity to witness our girls play, consider attending their next game on Saturday, November 7th at Stow Munroe High School. You will surely be entertained.

Don't forget that our Fathers' Club will be hosting the Annual Pig Roast this Saturday as well. They have done a great job sharing their excitement about this event with our girls. We hope that you will consider supporting this great fundraiser. The food will be great and it will be a great way to socialize with other parents of Beaumont girls. Contact the school if you need information about tickets.

Please make sure you scroll down throughout this entire newsletter. There is so much we have to share and we don't want you to miss out on any of this information. We really count on this being our major source of communication.

Thanks again for your support and prayers this year. As always, Beaumont is blessed,

Mary Whelan

Beaumont Buzz November 4 - 10, 2012

Sunday - 11/4
10:00 AM Mass for the Deceased Alumnae
10:00 AM Inter-Religious Task Force

Monday 11/5 - Late Start 9:30 – Faculty Meeting – E-Schedule
Shadow Day
3:00 Faculty Council Meeting
3:30 Overbeke’s Driving School – Rm 110
7:00 Parent Education Night

Tuesday - 11/6 - Regular Schedule
3:30 Overbeke’s Driving School – Rm 110

Wednesday - 11/7 - Regular Schedule
11:25 – 12:25 Entrepreneur’s Luncheon - TBA
3:00 Activities Board Rm 101
5:30 PM Open House

Thursday - 11/8 - Regular Schedule
Shadow Day
3:30 Overbeke’s Driving School – Rm 110
3:00 Tri-M Induction
7:00 The Taming of the Shrew

Friday - 11/9 - Regular Schedule - Bloodmobile
Gannon University Model UN
3:30 Overbeke’s Driving School – Rm 110
7:30 The Taming of the Shrew

Saturday - 11/10
Gannon University Model UN
7:30 The Taming of the Shrew