Parent Newsletter for November 15, 2012

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of Beaumont,

What a week we have had! Our athletes and fans are still on a high from Saturday when we clinched the title of  2012 Division II State Volleyball Champions!

The journey was exciting and the victories were sweet. For those of us able to be in Dayton to experience first-hand the sights and sounds of the thrill of victory, we will forever hold those memories close to our hearts. For those listening on the radio or sitting next to your computers streaming the games from home, we thank for your support and prayers. It was a community effort of believers and supporters. We are proud of our team, coaches and fans that represented Beaumont extremely well, not only at states but throughout the entire season.

The officials and OHSSA representatives made a point of complementing our girls and our program. Their words were kind and sincere. They acknowledged the hard work and dedication that went into building this program. They were especially complimentary of our head coach, Pat Royer and our Athletic Director, Sr. Erin Zubal. We are blessed to have them both.

Since this is the school's first state title for volleyball, we are anxiously waiting for information from the OHSAA in regards to receiving the banner for a special banner raising ceremony to take place at school. More information will follow on the date and time for this event.

We are also excited to celebrate this title with the infamous "Day of Celebration" that accompanies a Beaumont state title win. The girls will be receiving Monday, November 26 as a day off from school. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

While our athletes were playing in Dayton, a truly gifted and talented group of young ladies was performing "The Taming of the Shrew" in our own school theater. The reviews were phenomenal. If awards could be given for performances, I know our cast would have received a state title as well.

The girls changed up the script a bit by reversing the roles of males and females, creating an interesting and entertaining production. For some of the girls, it was their first role in a production of this type and we realized that we have a few "ringers" attending Beaumont School.

A special recognition goes to our producer, Mrs. Kate Bernardo whose creative and unique approach to drama provides top notch entertainment for our audiences. I would be remiss not to mention the quality of costuming that was revealed during the production. Thank you, Ms. Kluiber, for your vision and talent in this department. It is always a team effort in any successful endeavor so thanks to Ms. Iannucci and Ms. Wojtowicz for their help with the show as well.

Please mark your calendars now for our second production of the year, "Steel Magnolias" that will be performed March 14 - 16. If the quality and entertainment level remains consistent, you are sure to see a dynamic and entertaining show. Well done, cast and crew! You deserve a standing ovation!

Next week is a short week for the girls. We will be celebrating a liturgy on Tuesday, November 20 in thanksgiving for the many gifts we receive during our lives. If you care to celebrate with us, please arrive at school by 9:30 and find your way to the gym where we will be celebrating together. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

As always, Beaumont is blessed,

Mary Whelan

Beaumont Buzz – November 18 – 24, 2012

Sunday - 11/18
8:45 AM Academic Challenge Taping @ Channel 5 News Studio

Monday - 11/19 - Regular Schedule
Cap and Gown ordering during lunches
3:00 Auditions – One Acts

Tuesday - 11/20 - D-Schedule – Thanksgiving Mass

Wednesday - 11/21 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break!

Thursday - 11/22 - NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break!

Friday - 11/23 - NO SCHOOL – Thanksgiving Break!

Saturday - 11/24