Parent Newsletter for October 25, 2012

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of Beaumont,

Today's finals officially marked the end of Quarter One. To those of us on staff, it went extremely fast. Our hope is that the girls felt the same way. In the conversations I had with them over the last two days, it appears we have an overwhelming consensus of agreement.

It was interesting to talk to our freshmen who were taking finals for the first time. It has always been a little frightening and worrisome for them as they approached these "finals" days. This year it was different! Our new transitional program, Link Crew, provided a much calmer setting for our freshman as final's week approached.

Last week, our Link Crew upperclassmen provided support to our freshmen girls by planning our first ever, "Cocoa and Cram" session. This well attended event took place after school and paired up our Link Crew members with freshmen looking for tips and advice on studying and preparing for these two-hour finals. Over 65 freshmen were in attendance. It was amazing watching the juniors and seniors share tips on studying. Mrs. Mulhall, Mrs. Chodaczek and Ms. Barnett oversaw the study sessions and all commented on the serious approach to study that our "seasoned" test takers provided. Upperclassmen shared their experiences on test taking.

We watched students help create flashcards, review study guides and point out important topics to memorize. They taught the freshmen how to highlight text and use post-it notes. We watched upperclassmen quiz the students on vocabulary and terms. Our freshmen learned a few "tricks of the trade" from singing songs and creating word games to remember groups of items. We weren't sure who enjoyed it more, the freshmen or the Link Crew team. Either way, our freshmen left the study session much more comfortable than when they arrived! The hot chocolate and donut holes didn't hurt either.

As we prepared for finals this week, most of our extracurricular activities were put on hold. Athletics, however, never seems to miss a beat. Our soccer team played a few post-season games before losing to Hathaway Brown in an overtime game that took two days. Our girls played their hearts out and we are proud of each one of them. Cross Country will be running this weekend as they, too, have advanced. Volleyball continues their road to the state finals this evening at Garfield Heights High School. We encourage our girls and their families to consider attending some of these sporting events. Our players tell me, "The more fans, the more spirit. The more spirit, the better they play." Let's help our teams go all the way by being present and cheering them on. Check out the link below for game times and locations.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming Parent Education Night. We will be providing you with some helpful tips on parenting high schoolers! Our Board will also be addressing families with news and updates on the state of our school. Report cards will be distributed at the end of this evening and Tuition Vouchers will be raffled off to four lucky families in attendance. Other prizes will be raffled off as well. We strongly encourage your presence at this event on November 5th.

Check out the remainder of this newsletter for other opportunities and events to support and enjoy the company of other Beaumont families. Our Fathers' Club, Cadillac Luau/Reverse Raffle is quickly approaching and tickets are still available for this fun event. The after prom committee has been busy planning some fundraisers as well. Check out the links below for more information.

As we head into Quarter Two, I thank you for supporting your daughters and helping model and teach responsibility and dedication to self and study.

As always, Beaumont is blessed,

Mary Whelan

Beaumont Buzz October 28 - November 3, 2012

Sunday - 10/28

Monday - 10/29 - Regular Schedule
8:00 Social Studies OGT Make-Up - FDR
3:30 Personal Safety Class - SUL
3:30 Overbeke's Driving School - Rm 110

Tuesday - 10/30 - Regular Schedule
Shadow Day
11:25 - Entrepreneurship Luncheon - Saint Ann Hall
3:30 Overbeke's Driving School - Rm 110
4:00 French Club l'Albatros Dinner
7:00 Junior Parent College Timeline Meeting - Theater

Wednesday - 10/31 - Regular Schedule - Halloween Costume Day!
Lunch A & B & 3:00 Cupcakes and Cola - Beaumont Voice
3:30 Overbeke's Driving School - Rm 110

Thursday - 11/1 B- Schedule - All Saints Liturgy - Dress Uniform Day!
French Club Cafe
Shadow Day
Lunch A & B - Freshman Student Council Information Meetings - SUL
3:15 The Feast - Italian Club - Dining Room
3:30 Overbeke's Driving School - Rm 110

Friday - 11/2 - Regular Schedule
Shadow Day
7:30 AM - Freshman Student Council Information Meetings - Rm 108
Lunch A & B - French Career Luncheon - SUL
3:00 PM - Freshman Student Council Information Meetings - Rm 108
3:30 Overbeke's Driving School - Rm 110

Saturday - 11/3
7:00 PM Fathers' Club Cadillac Luau Reverse Raffle