Parent Newsletter-October 3, 2013


Newsletter for Parents and Friends of Beaumont School-October 3, 2013

Message from the Principal

It is amazing how quickly our first quarter is moving. It becomes especially noticeable when we begin participating in Senior Nights and play-off games for our sports teams as well as Fall dances, parent/teacher conferences and seasonal activities like the Father/Daughter Mass and Breakfast and National Honor Society inductions. All these benchmarks remind me how close we are to approaching quarter one finals. In three weeks we will officially have ended our first quarter. It still seems hard to believe.

It was nice to have a week that wasn't interrupted with special schedules and activities. It is not that they didn't happen, it's just that they didn't affect our schedule. I am glad that routines are established and our girls are
"in the groove" of school. Even with all the distractions of our Cleveland sports teams, our girls remain committed to their school work. I remain impressed and complimentary of the work ethic our girls possess. The workload can be overwhelming at times but our girls are learning to develop outstanding time management skills. Our counselors do a great job with them during group guidance to help develop good study habits and plans. The rewards come when they graduate and enter college. We still receive such touching and sincere emails and notes from former students who finally appreciate and understand the rewards of a college prep curriculum. Continue to praise and encourage your daughters for the work they complete. We are so proud of their accomplishments, too.

Our Parent/Teacher conferences ran very smoothly again this year. I have heard only positive comments about the new sign-up procedures. I know a few teachers were booked solid and made special arrangements to meet with parents at other times. If you were not able to attend or see that you might need a conference now, please feel free to contact the teacher via email to request a conference. Please don't wait much longer as there is often little we can do with only a week or two left in the quarter.

Our Mothers' Guild has been busy making final arrangements for the Father/Daughter Mass and Breakfast this Sunday at 10:00 AM. If you have not registered yet, please do so quickly. The Mothers' Guild article below has more information on the event.

Beaumont School will also be having a team of walkers present at the 10th Annual Suicide Prevention Into the Light Zoo Walk on Sunday. The walk begins at 5:45PM and is being sponsored by our SADD club. Contact the school or Miss Krupar for more information.

Monday is a delayed start since our Faculty Meetings always take place the first Monday of each month. I know the girls appreciate the late start on these days. Many of them take advantage of the extra hour of sleep! As a growing teenager, one more hour of sleep can make a huge difference in their lives. School will begin at 9:30 AM. Don't forget to mark your calendar.

I have noticed some of our fathers hanging out in the North Park lot reminding families of our upcoming Cadillac Luau in early November. Tickets and information were mailed out last week to families. It is such a great evening of fun and enjoyment. Consider joining us this year if you haven't attended in the past.

Our first dance of the year will be held on Friday. We have implemented a phase in start so that we have time to breathalyze all students that will be attending. Freshmen are asked to arrive at 7:30 PM, sophomores at 7:45 PM and junior and seniors by 8:00 PM. If your daughter is unable to attend due to sickness or an emergency please make a personal call to the school at 216.325.7318 and leave a message. We are very serious about attendance procedures and account for every student that has registered to attend. We contact all parents of students that do not show up. Your help in contacting us prior to the start of the dance makes our jobs much easier.

Dress attire for the dance has become questionable over the last few years and we are concerned about the choice of dress some of our girls are making. We have asked the girls to dress appropriately for the dance and have shared with them that we will provide "cover-ups" if we feel that the girls are dressed inappropriately for a Catholic high school dance. Your help in not letting them leave the house questionably makes it less embarrassing for them when they arrive and need to be escorted to the office for a "cover-up." If the girls have a concern about their dress for tomorrow they can bring it to school and have Mrs. Schaefer approve it prior to attending.

Finally, we received word from Ursuline Academy in Cincinnati that one of their girls was involved in an auto accident last Friday. The young lady passed away on Wednesday and the school has requested prayers for the family and the school community. As an Ursuline affiliated school, our thoughts and prayers go out to them. Sympathy cards were mailed this week to the school and the family. The lose of a student is difficult on a school community so please say an extra prayer for their school community and in the meantime, give your daughter an extra hug tonight and tell her how much you love her.

As always, Beaumont is blessed,
Mary Whelan

Beaumont Buzz
October 6-12, 2013

Sunday, 10/6
Father/Daughter Breakfast: 10:00 AM (Dining Room, Chapel, SUL)
SADD 10th Annual Suicide Prevention Into the Light Zoo Walk: 5:45 PM @ Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Monday, 10/7Late Arrival: SCHEDULE E
Block 1: 9:30 - 10:38
HR: 10:43 - 10:51
Block 2: 10:56 - 12:04
Block 3:
Lunch A: 12:09 - 12:34
Class: 12:39 - 1:47
Class: 12:09 - 1:17
Lunch B: 1:22 - 1:47
Block 4: 1:52 - 3:00

Regional High School Night: 7:00 PM- 8:30 PM in Beaumont Gym
Freshman Volleyball: 4:30 PM @ Magnificat [Dismissal: 2:30 / Departure: 3:00]
JV Volleyball: 6:00 PM @ Magnificat [Dismissal: 2:30 / Departure: 3:00]
Varsity Volleyball: 7:00 PM @ Magnificat [Dismissal: 2:30 / Departure: 3:00]

Tuesday, 10/8 Regular Schedule: 90 minute blocks & 10 minute HR
Principal's Coffee: 8:00 AM in Faculty Dining Room
Fabulous Fifties Luncheon: 11:30 - 1:30 AM in Lennon House
Diocesan Apprenticeship Program: 3:30 - 7:00 PM in Faculty Dining Room
Sophomore/Parent College Readiness Meeting: 7:00 - 8:30 PM in Theater
Freshmen Volleyball: 4:30 PM @ HOME (Hoban)
JV Volleyball: 6:00 PM @ HOME (Hoban)
Varsity Volleyball: 7:30 PM @ HOME (Hoban)

Wednesday, 10/9 Regular Schedule: 90 minute blocks & 10 minute HR
Open House Training: 9:35 - 10:00 AM in Foyer
Golf Send-Off: 2:45-3:00
JV Soccer: 5:00 PM @ Walsh Jesuit
Varsity Soccer: 7:00 PM @ Walsh Jesuit

Thursday, 10/10 Regular Schedule: 90 minute blocks & 10 minute HR
GE's Women in STEM Conference: ALL DAY
Rally for Life: 9:15 AM - 1:45 PM @ Downtown
Freshmen Volleyball: 4:30 PM @ NDCL
JV Volleyball: 6:00 PM @ NDCL
Varsity Volleyball: 7:30 PM @ NDCL
GOLF AWAY ALL DAY - Practice Round

Friday, 10/11 Regular Schedule: 90 minute blocks & 10 minute HR
Junior Retreat in SLC
CELINA BARONE AWAY ALL DAY - Districts @ Canton (Varsity team remains in school)

Saturday, 10/12
CELINA BARONE, if advancing, at Districts @ Canton
Varsity Cross-Country: 10:00 AM - Girls Cross Country @ NCL Meet
JV Volleyball: 6:00 PM @ HOME (Kenston)
Varsity Volleyball: 7:30 PM @ HOME (Kenston)