Studio Art Program

The Studio Art Program at Beaumont is long established and unique to our region. A four year core studio art program for the talented student, our Studio Art Program enables students to study under the guidance of our faculty, who are all practicing artists, and an internationally recognized artist-in-residence, Stanka Kordic. This four-year program leads to the preparation of a portfolio for admission to art school or college programs in various art specialties and a senior exhibition similar to a BFA show. Students will develop skills in the areas of: Drawing, Design, Painting and Sculpture


The goals of the Beaumont Studio Art Program

  1. Understand and apply the elements of art and principles of design.
  2. Develop their own personal, creative language and be able to communicate ideas through their art. 
  3. Practice critical analysis of their own works as well as the works of others.
  4. Gain a spiritual connection to their art and creative self.
  5. Interact with the greater arts community through gallery and museum visits and art competitions. 
  6. Prepare work for exhibition and participate in the annual Fine Arts Review.
  7. As a senior, document their art and prepare a portfolio for art school and college application and scholarship purposes.



Required Course of Study

Studio Art I
In this course, the talented student is introduced to the basic techniques of drawing, painting and designs in order that she might discover her potential and enjoy the satisfaction of skilled forms of expression. The development of these introductory skills will enable her to move with assurance to the next level of the program.

 Studio Art II

 In the second year of the Studio Art Program, the talented student is encouraged to expand upon the basic concepts learned in Studio Art I. Drawing and design skills will continue to be developed as students are given increasingly more difficult drawing assignments and new drawing media such as pastel, charcoal watercolor, acrylic painting and artist bookmaking. Students will become acquainted with significant artists, styles and issues relevant to contemporary art. Individual expressiveness and growth in personal style will be encouraged. Increased emphasis will be placed on critical analysis of their own art works and the art work of others.

Studio Art III
 In this upper level studio course, the talented art student is encouraged to expand upon the basic concepts learned in Studio Art I and II. Advanced techniques in painting and drawing are presented and challenging assignments present opportunities for problem solving. New media are introduced with a subject focus on portraiture and the human figure. Continued emphasis is placed on strengthening compositional skills. Individual expressiveness and growth in personal style are promoted through independent projects requiring self-direction and dedication to studio and extra-curricular performance.

Studio Art IV
 The senior year course work for Studio Art includes the honors level Painting Seminar, honors level Sculpture Seminar and Senior Seminar. Painting Seminar explores advanced painting media and techniques with an emphasis on personal growth and expressiveness. The honors level Sculpture Seminar is a studio course which allows students to experience the challenges of 3-dimensional design and execution using various materials including clay and found objects, while applying the fundamental elements of composition learned through previous course work. The Senior Seminar course is an upper level studio course designed to allow the student to create a final masterwork and to provide the opportunity to mount a professional quality exhibition.

 Entrance Requirements:

 Incoming freshmen must complete the Studio Art Application. This application can be found in the Curriculum Guide or on the school website.


FA110/111- STUDIO ART I 
 This is an introductory studio course for talented students interested in participating in the art studio program. In this class the emphasis will be on drawing and the foundations of composition and design.

1 credit – open to grades 9, 10, and 11
Prerequisite: a completed art application turned in with the course registration form (see addendum for application form)
*This course is strongly recommended for students planning a college art major or an art-related career
 i.e., fashion, interior design, illustration, etc. 

 This course is intensification and broadening of the STUDIO ART I experience. Design and compositional skills and principles continue to be stressed, with an emphasis on new media, including charcoal, pastel, acrylic painting and printmaking.

 1 credit
- open to grades 10, 11, 12
Prerequisite: successful completion of STUDIO ART I and recommendation of Studio Art I Instructor.
*This course is strongly recommended for students planning a college art major or an art-related career i.e., fashion, interior design, illustration, etc. 

 This is an advanced level art course built on the foundation of Studio Art I and II. Problems in portraiture and the human figure will be presented, with an emphasis on drawing, oil painting, charcoal, pastel media and projects in advanced composition

1 credit - open to grades 11, 12
Prerequisite: successful completion of STUDIO ART II and recommendation of Studio Art II Instructor.
*This course is strongly recommended for students planning a college art major or an art related career i.e., fashion, interior design, illustration, etc. 

 This senior art major quarter seminar will explore a variety of painting problems using oil and acrylic paints on canvas, prepared canvas board and a found object support. The focus is on painting and the individual pursuit of media and subject matter through independent problem solving. For a list of supplies needed for the class, click here.

 0.5 credit
– open to Grade 12
Prerequisite: successful completion of STUDIO ART III and recommendation of previous

Art I and Art II Supply List

Supply list for all Art I and Art II students. Purchase these items at any store. These items will be needed the first week of class this fall.

Part I
1. A tool box (to store and sometimes transport your tools). They are often called craft, tool, or fishing tackle boxes. Be sure that it is long enough so that tools, such as pencils, brushes, rulers, etc. can fit. A lock on the box is optional. A sturdy shoe box is sufficient if a purchased one is not possible.
2. A utility knife…preferably one with a retractable blade. These are available at any hardware store.
3. Two sets of colored markers: broad and fine. The greater the range of colors the better.
4. Scissors
5. Ruler: 6 inch and 12 inch.
6. A compass or any other circle-making device.
7. Glue sticks . It is better to have more than one.
8. A roll of masking tape.
9. A roll of scotch tape.
10. 2 black fine-line markers for drawing. Permanent ink is preferred. Pilot fine liner is very good, but we prefer that you not get Sharpies because they bleed too much in the drawing process.
11. A pack of #2 pencils – These are for design projects. Drawing pencils will be a part of the supplies you purchase from the department in the fall.
12. A pencil pouch for carrying small tools for homework.
13. A 3-ring notebook binder for directional handouts, evaluations, etc. (a one-inch size is sufficient)
14. 6 sheets of 22x28 poster board. (Not needed until 2nd or 3rd week of class.)

Part II
The art materials* listed below are to be purchased from the Art Department in the fall.*It is required that some of the materials be purchased through the art Department to insure uniformity in their quality for the basic exercises and instructions
They will include: a large 100 page 11x 14 sketchbook with #90 lb paper, two portfolios…a large and small one, a drawing kit with graded pencils and special erasers, poster paints and brushes. This will be approximately $30.00. Students will be given the list and cost on the first day of school in the fall. The listings above are for the student’s personal supplies and are hers to keep. Other paper and materials are provided by the Art Department.