Support Advancing Excellence

Since 1850, Beaumont School has been committed to educating young women for life, leadership and service. Whether as a student, a parent, or a friend, you have experienced the impact of a Beaumont education. You have shared in the Gospel values and Ursuline traditions of those who came before you, and you have created your own memories about your experience at Beaumont. You have helped build the school we know today – and the school that young women will depend on tomorrow.

The Advancing Excellence Campaign will enhance students’ educational experiences by creating a state-of-the-art learning environment in order to transform today’s women for tomorrow’s world. Students will have greater access to technology and better tools to encourage problem-solving and collaborative learning. More, this project will secure the school’s long-term presence as a single-gender Catholic school in the Cleveland Heights community – the only one remaining on the east side of Cleveland.

Your investment in Beaumont will affect students now and well into the future. The need is great – and the time is now. No matter whether you are currently involved with the school, or whether you graduated many years ago, or are a past parent or friend of Beaumont, you are a valued member of this community, united together with one heart and one will.

Beaumont has built the foundation. We invite you to be part of our future!

“High school learning in a single-gender environment solidifies life-long friendships. While I have experienced this in my own education, I see it strongly in my wife’s (Marylou Barrett ’74) life. She has maintained strong friendships with eight other alumnae who often vacation together as a group. Beaumont creates friends for life.” -Rich Bongorno, Board of Directors

“To me, Beaumont is much more than just coming to school every day. Beaumont is my life. I have met so many amazing people at Beaumont and I feel that, as a Beaumont student, I am a part of something extremely special. The friends I have made and the things I have learned have shaped me into the person I am today. I feel that Beaumont is preparing me for great things, and I take pride in calling myself a Beaumont girl.” –Michelle Penko ‘12