The Art of Science

Sometimes the things that lie on seemingly different ends of the spectrum, the areas that occupy different parts of our thinking brains, actually work together harmoniously and have incredibly symbiotic relationships.  Art and Science, Music and Math.  These subjects seem to come together so much that we really ought to talk about STEM as STEAM to include how much artistic subjects are embedded into the analytical subject areas.  Once again, Beaumont students have demonstrated the art in science with their eXpressions projects, sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic.  eXpresions is an interdisciplinary line of programs using creativity to engage students in the the world of scientific research.  Five Beaumont students were recognized for their creative interpretations of research conducted by the Cleveland Clinic.  Congratulations to our students Nell Bornhorst, Sara Dolan, Erika Klek, Mary Cook, and Olivia Baer--  you have demonstrated perfectly the beautiful union between art and science.  So Beaumont is pushing full STEAM ahead!