Vitality of STEM

Tonight when flipping through Pinterest, there was a whole group of Pins about STEM apps for our SmartPhones.  These apps were targeted toward young learners, preschool or younger.  This idea of giving our kids a strong foundation in STEM reaches beyond high school educational circles.  STEM is going younger and younger because it teaches such critical skills that span the curriculum.  There is a lot of evidence that says that the earlier that kids learn STEM, the more confident a student is to tackle problem analysis and problem solving.  At Beaumont we hear this national call, and are building a facility that truly creates an active learning environment to strengthen how our students learn these critical subjects.  Whether our graduates end up as artists, entrepreneurs or scientists, all of our students will be able to use their new space to learn collaboration, and to use technology to analyze and solve problems--skills that transfer to any career.  We are dedicated to our mission to educate young women.  And that means to evolve as technology evolves.  We are so proud to be able to provide this to our students.  Have you supported young women today?  There are so many ways that you can make a difference in this campaign.  We are asking you to help us today.  For our current students.  And for the students who grow up using STEM apps on our IPhones who will someday, change the world as we know it. Choose